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CD-1 Color Bar and Dot Generator

CD-1 Color Bar and Dot Generator


  • All frequencies crystal controlled for steady locked-in patterns. (No external sync lead required.)
  • New shading bar pattern for screen and background adjustment.
  • 10—vertical color bars.
  • Choice of six different patterns.
  • RF and video output with separate level controls.
  • Crystal controlled sound carrier with off-on switch.

Technicians by constructing the new CD-1 will not only own a time and labor saving instrument, but will also gain added knowledge of a new and profitable field.

The CD-1 combines two basic units, the color bar generator and white dot generator in one versatile portable instrument, which has crystal controlled accuracy and stability, and yet the cost is within most technicians' budget. Produces white dot pattern, crosshatch, horizontal or vertical bar patterns, 10 color bars and a new shading bar pattern.

Ten vertical color bars are produced using the crystal controlled, off-set carrier method, giving the following colors from left to right when the hue control of the color set is in the center of its range. 1. yellow-orange, 2. orange, 3. red, 4. magenta, 5. reddish-blue, 6. blue, 7. greenish-blue, 8. cyan, 9. bluish green, 10. green. Using these bars, A.F. C., phase and matrix alignment may be performed. A white leading edge and black trailing edge are provided on the color bars to check color fit. A new type of pattern, called shading bars, is provided for the adjustment of screen and background controls to achieve correct gray-scale tracking. The CD-1 has RF output on any channel from 2 to 6, with an RF level control to check sensitivity and prevent overloading of the automatic gain control. A crystal controlled sound-carrier with off-on switch is provided for adjusting the fine tuning control. Either positive or negative video output is available for trouble-shooting video circuits, and may be adjusted with the video level control. This control also varies the R.F. modulation which provides a check of color hue and sync with different signal levels.

Horizontal and vertical sync pulses are crystal controlled to the same "frame" rate as a TV station. These pulses provide the necessary blanking and lock the various patterns firmly on the screen, without jitter or crawl. The user, therefore, may be assured that color receivers converged with the CD-1 will still be converged properly on a television program from a station. Self-contained sync pulses also eliminate the need for any bothersome external sync leads, and any one of the six available patterns may be selected with one switch, without any further adjustment to the generator or receiver.

Dots are small sized and sharply defined, and are fixed as to size and number. The cross-hatch pattern may be used for linearity checks on either color or black-and-white receivers. The height and width of the raster may be determined by counting the fixed number of bars. Horizontal and vertical bar patterns are also available for convergence adjustments.

The CD-1 is compact, light in weight, and has smooth control action. The 13 tube circuit has been carefully laid out to allow ease of assembly. The construction manual contains complete step-by-step instructions and pictorial diagrams in addition to a detailed circuit description, which will be helpful in understanding basic color circuit principles. Easy to follow calibration instructions are furnished with actual oscilloscope patterns to aid in alignment. Convergence screen and background adjustments of a color set are also thoroughly covered in the manual. This kit is complete in every respect including 3 crystals and test lead. The power supply features voltage regulation and uses long life silicon diode rectifiers. Compare with other generators on the market and you'll realize what a tremendous dollar value it represents.

Specifications—RF Output Frequency Range: TV channels 2 through 6. Output voltage variable from 100 to 100,000 microvolts. Sound Carrier: Crystal controlled unmodulated. 4.5 MC away from picture carrier. off-on switch provided. Video Output: Positive or negative output variable from 0-10 volts peak-to-peak open circuit. Source impedance approx. 1,000 ohms. Modulation: White dot pattern, crosshatch pattern, horizontal bars, vertical bars, 10 vertical color bars, shading bar pattern. Tube Complement: 6-12AT7, 4-12AU7, 1-6BQ7, 1-OB2. Power Requirements: 117 volts AC, 50-60 cycles, 70 watts. Dimensions: 13" W. x 8½" H. x 7" D. Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.

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