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CM-1 Capacity Meter

CM-1 Capacity Meter


  • Reads capacity directly on 4½" 50 microampere meter
  • Four ranges—0-100 mmf, 0-1000 mmf, 0-.01 mfd and 0-0.1 mfd
  • Residual capacity less than 1 mmf—not affected by hand capacity
  • Power line operated—voltage regulation for stability
  • Precision condensers supplied for initial calibration

For quick, accurate checks of condensers on an assembly line, in quality control, or in the service shop, the CM-1 is ideal. Extremely easy to operate, it is only necessary to connect the condenser to be checked to the terminals on the front panel, and select the proper range. The value of the condenser is then read directly on the large 4½" 50 microampere panel meter calibrated in mmf and mfd. Calibration is linear with four ranges provided, 0-100 mmf, 0-1,000 mmf, 0-.01 mfd and 0-.1 mfd. The residual capacity is less than 1 mmf and is not affected by hand capacity. The CM-1 features a transformer operated power supply with voltage regulation for stability. Individual calibration potentiometers in conjunction with four precision capacity standards enable rapid full scale calibration in each range. Once accomplished, calibration will hold constant over extended periods of time. Standard calibrating capacitors are supplied with each instrument in the following values: 100 mmf ± 1%; 1,000 mmf ± 1%; 0.01 mfd ± 2%; 0.1 mfd ± 2%. The field of application for the CM-1 is extremely broad. Radio amateurs, audio engineers, experimenters, and hobbyists are all finding new uses for this remarkable instrument. Since operation is simple and automatic, much time is saved in making repetitive capacity measurements or adjustments. The chassis layout of components allows ease of assembly. The small size and fine appearance of this unit will fit in nicely with your other equipment.

Specifications—Ranges: 0 to 100 mmf., 1000 mmf., 0.01 mfd. and 0.1 mfd. full scale. Tubes: 6BX7GT Oscillator, 6X5GT Rectifier, OA2 Voltage Regulator. Meter: Easy to read 4½" meter with linear scale and streamlined case; 50 microampere movement. Calibrating Condensers: ± 1% for 100 and 1000 mmf. ranges; ± 2% for 0.01 and 0.1 mfd. ranges. Power Requirements: 105-125 volts AC, 50-60 cycles, 25 watts. Dimensions: 7-3/8" high x 4-11/16" wide x 4-1/8" deep. Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.

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