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CT-1 Capaci-Tester

CT-1 Capaci-Tester


  • Checks most capacitors without circuit disconnect
  • Saves time by convenient, fast operation
  • Electron beam "eye" tube used as indicator—quickly shows "open" or "shorted" condition
  • Function switch allows continuous check of tester operation
  • Easy to build—a pleasure to use

Anyone who has had the experience of hunting for a shorted or open condenser in a television receiver or radio will appreciate the advantages offered by the model CT-1 Capaci-Tester.

With the CT-1 it is no longer necessary to disconnect the capacitor lead to check the part. You can check most capacitors for "open" or "short" right in the circuit, saving a lot of valuable time in the service shop or lab. The CT-1 is compact, easy-to-build, and inexpensive. The capaci-tester detects open capacitors from about 50 mmf up, so long as the capacitor is not shunted by an excessively low resistance value. It will detect shorted capacitors up to 20 mfd (not shunted by less than 10 ohms). (Does not detect leakage nor check electrolytic condensers.)

A five-position function switch is employed, which controls the power to the instrument and selects the test being made. It also provides a continuous check on the proper operation of the tester itself. An electron beam "eye" tube is used as an indicator. The front panel is attractively screened making the function of the switch self-explanatory. A picture of the "eye" tube is shown for each test so no other reference is required. Any deviation from the picture shown would indicate a defect in that part being tested. The circuit employs a 60 cycle frequency for the "short" test and a 19 megacycle frequency for the "open" test. The CT-1 is complete in every respect including test leads. It will prove to be an invaluable aid in locating the general run of capacitor troubles.

Checks all bypass, blocking, and coupling capacitors of the paper, mica and ceramic types. You can hardly afford to be without a CT-1 on your bench; it will pay for itself with the time it saves.

Specifications—Range: Open Test: 50 mmfd to infinity. (Shunted by more than 2 k ohm at 50 mmfd, 400 ohm at 100 mmfd, 30 ohm at 350 mmfd or more.) Short Test: Up to 20 mfd (Shunted by 10 ohm or more). Test Frequencies: Short Test: 60 cycles. Open Test: 19 megacycles. Cabinet Size: 7 3/8" high, 4 11/16" wide by 4 1/8" deep. Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.

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