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HD-1 Harmonic Distortion Meter

HD-1 Harmonic Distortion Meter

The Heathkit Harmonic Distortion Meter, model HD-1 will prove invaluable in the designing and servicing of audio circuits. Used with an audio signal generator, the HD-1 will accurately measure harmonic distortion at any or all frequencies between 20 and 20,000 CPS. Distortion is read directly from the panel meter in ranges of 0-1, 3, 10, 30 and 100% full scale. Full scale voltage ranges of 0-1, 3, 10 and 30 volts are provided for the initial reference settings. Signal-to-noise ratio measurements are also permitted through the use of a separate meter scale calibrated in db.

The HD-1 features top-quality components throughout. High input impedance (300,000 ohms) and 1% precision resistors in the VTVM voltage divider circuit assure excellent sensitivity and accuracy. In spite of the lab type circuit involved, the Heathkit Harmonic Distortion Meter is quite simple to construct and use. Measures 13" W x 8½" H x 7" D. The HD-1 is complete in all respects and will prove its worth by long years of outstanding service.

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