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IB-2A Impedance Bridge

IB-2A Impedance Bridge


  • Battery type tubes, no warm-up required
  • ½% precision resistors and silver-mica condensers
  • Built-in phase shift generator and detector amplifier
  • Slanted control panel for easy reading of controls and meter
  • High accuracy and versatility at low cost

Because of the low price of the Heathkit model IB-2A, it is available for the service shop, the radio amateur, and even the home experimenter.

The IB-2A is a self-contained, direct reading precision laboratory instrument designed for rapid and accurate measurement of resistors, capacitance, inductance, dissipation factors of condensers, and storage factors of inductors. It employs a Wheatstone Bridge, a Capacity Comparison Bridge, a Maxwell Bridge, and a Hay Bridge in one compact package. Measures resistance from 0-.1 ohm to 10 megohms, capacitance from 100 mmf to 100 mfd, inductance from 0-.1 millihenry to 100 henries, dissipation factor (D) from 0.002 to 1, and storage factor (Q) from 0.1 to 1,000. A 100-0-100 ua meter provides for null indications. The usual headset or other devices for such measurements are not necessary although provision is made for using an external detector when desirable. The decade resistors employed are of ½% tolerance for high accuracy.

The IB-2A has its own built-in power supply, 1,000 cycle phase shift generator, and a vacuum-tube detector. A special 2-section CRL dial insures convenient operation. Provision is also made for connecting an external generator for measurements at audio frequencies other than 1 kc. Battery-type tubes are used so that a warm-up period is not required and measurements can be made quickly. They also eliminate changes in operating characteristics due to thermal effects.

The instruction manual has entirely new schematics that clarify circuit functions in various switch positions. A true laboratory instrument that will provide you with many years of fine performance.

Specifications—Circuit: 4-arm impedance bridge. DC Measurements: Built-in power supply operates from 110V. AC. Binding posts provided for use of external supply. Meter: 100-0-100 microampere meter. AC Measurements: Built-in 1000 cycle generator. Terminals on panel for connection of external generator for measurement at other frequencies. Detector: Vacuum tube detector and rectifier make use of built-in meter. Panel binding posts provide for connection to external detector. Resistance: 0.1 ohm to 10 megohm. Capacitance: 100 mmf to 100 mfd. Inductance: 0.1 mh to 100 h. Dissipation Factor (D): 0.002 to 1. Storage Factor (Q): 0.1 to 1000. Accuracy: ½ of 1% decade resistors used. Tune Complement: 2-1U4 and 2-1L4. Power Supply: Power transformer and Selenium Rectifier. Cabinet Size: 8" high x 17" wide x 6" deep. Power Requirements: 115-125 VAC, 50-60 cycles, 10 watts. Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.

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