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IM-30 Transistor Tester

IM-30 Transistor Tester


  • Complete DC analysis of all PNP, NPN transistors up to 15 amps
  • DC gain (beta, alpha) read directly on calibrated scales
  • 15 ua basic range for leakage (lcbo, lceo) tests
  • Four lever switches provide rapid test selection
  • Built-in battery supply—provision for using external supply
  • Ideal for servicing, design work, incoming inspection, production testing, etc.

Heathkit TRANSISTOR TESTER ... laboratory-quality at low cost

Representing a major break-through in Transistor Testers, the new Heathkit IM-30 now makes it possible for all to enjoy laboratory type testing facilities. Superbly engineered circuitry and many unique design features allow making a complete and thorough DC analysis of all transistor types and checks of diode characteristics with high accuracy. The IM-30 is ideal for use in servicing and industry where fast, easy testing, high accuracy, and versatility are prime factors to be considered. Operation is simple! ... four lever switches instantly select the desired test after proper conditions are set by the voltage and current range switches. Tests selected by the lever switches include base current, gain, collector current, collector voltage, leak voltage, short test, diode or collector-to-emitter leakage (lceo), collector-to-base leakage (lcbo). Four rotary switches, one for voltage and one for current on both gain and leakage set the desired conditions. DC Beta and DC Alpha are read direct from the calibrated panel scale after meter is nulled. The Gain control is a 3% wire-wound potentiometer which assures high accuracy. A variable bias control allows setting collector current to any desired value up to 15 amps. All basic tests may be performed using the internal battery supply. Internal batteries provide any test voltage up to 9 volts in 1.5 volt steps. External DC supply terminals are provided for higher voltages and current. The IM-30 is adequately rated to handle higher voltages and current with appropriate meter ranges provided. Detailed instructions include complete operation and application information.

SPECIFICATIONS—Checks: Transistors up to 15 amps and diodes up to 1.5 amps. Tests: Shorts, DC Gain (Beta 0-300) (Alpha 0-.9967), Leakage (Icbo, Iceo), Diode Forward and Reverse Current. Meter: Current Ranges: 15 ua, 150 ua, 1.5 ma, 15 ma, 150 ma, 1.5 A, 15 A; Voltage Ranges: 1.5 V, 5 V, 15 V, 50 V, 150 V(100k ohm/volt). Power supply: Internal, seven 1.5 volt size D batteries provide 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 volts collector supply for gain or leakage and 1.5 volts for bias; External 0-50 volts for gain, 0-150 volts for leakage and 1.5 volts for bias. Bias control: Permits any collector current from 10 ua to 15 amps for gain tests. Gain control: 3% wire-wound potentiometer has calibrated scales to give DC Beta and DC Alpha directly when meter is at null. Lever switch: Four spring return levers will individually select the following tests: Base Current, Gain, Collector Voltage, Collector Current, Leak Voltage, Short Test, Icbo and Iceo or diode currents. Two voltage selector switches: Gain and Leak Test Voltages can be individually preset at different voltage levels. Two current range switches: Collector and Leak currents can be individually preset on different ranges. Transistor and diode connections: Universal transistor socket and binding posts. External power supply connections: Binding posts for Gain, Leak and Bias supplies. Shipping Weight: 7 lbs.

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