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M-1 Handitester

M-1 Handitester


  • Measures AC and DC voltage, DC current and resistance
  • Combination function/range switch for simple operation
  • Pocket size portability—no calibration required

Heathkit Handitester...a fine meter for portable or shop use!

The Heathkit Handitester is an ideal first instrument for the hobbyist, home experimenter, or home handyman. Measures AC and DC voltage, DC current and resistance for use in countless applications. Its small, compact size and rugged construction combined with a built-in battery supply make it ideal for any portable application. 1% precision resistors are used for high accuracy and the combination function/range switch simplifies operation. The M-1 is easy to build with the complete instructions supplied and requires no calibration. Very handy for use in radio and TV service shops when main instruments are occupied or for use in making quick checks on home service calls. Streamlined bakelite case measures 3" W x 6" H x 2 5.8" D. Test leads and battery included.

SPECIFICATIONS—Sensitivity: 1000 ohms-per-volt. Meter ranges: AC & DC VOLTMETER: Full scale 10, 30, 300, 1000 and 5000 volts, DC MILLIAMETER: 0-10 ma, 0-100 ma. OHMMETER: 0-3,000 ohms (30 ohms center scale), 0-300,000 ohms (3,000 ohms center scale). Meter movement: 400 microampere, 3". Resistors: 1% precision type. AC rectifier: Dual half wave. Accuracy: Meter movement, 2% of full scale. Controls: Function/range switch, ohms adjust. Case: Streamlined molded phenolic. Ohmmeter battery: One standard size "C" flashlight cell. Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.

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