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  • Sensitive 50 microampere 4½" meter
  • Total of 35 meter ranges on 2-color scale
  • All 1% precision multiplier resistors for high accuracy
  • Polarity reversing switch—eliminates transferring test leads
  • Sleek, modern styling—recessed test jacks—carrying handle

High accuracy in a Portable Meter…Heathkit 20,000 ohms/volt VOM

Those who prefer a portable meter for all-round use will find the Heathkit modem MM-1 ideal. It provides wide voltage, current, resistance and db ranges to cover practically any service requirement. Requiring no external source of power, the MM-1 uses standard flashlight batteries that are easily replaced when necessary, making it equally useful on the test bench or on service calls. Maximum accuracy is assured on all ranges by the use of 1% precision resistors and the large 4½" 50 microampere meter has more than enough sensitivity for even the lowest voltages on the 1.5 volt scale (a single volt on the lowest range will produce a meter deflection of 2¼").

The many features of the Heathkit VOM include a polarity reversing switch to eliminate transferring of test leads when alternately measuring positive and negative voltages and recessed test jacks to minimize shock hazard. The meter is preassembled to the panel and is provided with a close-fitting case to keep out dust and protect internal components.

This VOM is easy to build with the complete instructions supplied. All components are attached directly to the front panel. Batteries can be snapped in our out in a matter of seconds. Resistor "rings" eliminate excessive handling of switch contacts during construction and provide rugged mountings for the precision components. Complete with batteries and test leads.

SPECIFICATIONS—Sensitivity: 20,000 ohms-per-volt DC, 5000 ohms-per-volt AC. Range AC & DC Volts: Full scale 1.5, 5, 50, 150, 500, 1500, 5000. Direct current: 150 microamperes, 15, 150, 500 milliamperes. Ohmmeter: 0-.2 to 20 megohms in three ranges. Decibels: -1 to +65 db. Resistors: 1% precision type. Controls: Range switch, Output-AC-DC-Reverse DC switch, Ohms adjust control. Batteries: One type "C" cell, 4 penlight cells. Dimensions: 7½" x 5½" x 4". Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.

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