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O-11 5" Extra Duty Oscilloscope

O-11 5" Extra Duty Oscilloscope


  • Full 5 MC bandwidth for color TV servicing
  • Heath patented sweep circuit provides 20 to 500,000 CPS sweep (5 times the range usually provided)
  • 2 printed circuit boards for faster, easier assembly and stability
  • Excellent linearity and sync stability—push-pull output—peak-to-peak calibration reference

Here is our very finest scope! The advanced design and performance characteristics of the O-11 make it a professional piece of equipment.

It features wide band amplifiers which are essential for color TV servicing, and for critical observations in the electronic laboratory. Vertical frequency response extends from 3 CPS to 5 MC plus 1.5 db minus 5 db without extra switching. The response is down only 2.2 db at 3.58 MC. The sweep circuit functions effectively from 20 CPS to better than 500 KC in five steps, utilizing the Heath patented sweep circuit, which gives you five times the usual sweep obtained in other scopes. Another extra, developed by Heath engineers, giving you the latest in circuit design. Amazing linearity and lock-in characteristics enables viewing of a single wave, even at upper frequency limits. Both vertical and horizontal output amplifiers are push-pull and the scope incorporates a peak-to-peak calibrating source. The input to the vertical amplifier has a three-step frequency compensated input attenuator. Numerous other features include plastic molded capacitors in all coupling and bypass applications—performed and cabled wiring harness—low capacity nylon insulated bushings for the vertical and horizontal input terminal posts, and other top-quality parts throughout.

O-11 Schematic Diagram
O-11 Schematic Diagram

The 11-tube circuit features a 5UP1 cathode ray tube, and provision is made for Z-axis input for intensity modulation of beam. The extremely short retrace time and efficient blanking action provides "picture book" display of essential TV wave forms. Positive trace position controls with no bounce or overshoot. Frequency response of the horizontal amplifier is within 1 db from 1 CPS to 200 KC and down only 3 db at 400 KC. Horizontal sensitivity is 0.6 volts RMS per inch.

Construction is simplified through the use of two etched metal circuit boards, and preformed, cabled wiring harness which imparts a professional appearance to the oscilloscope wiring. In addition, use of etched circuits reduces assembly time, and provides a firm mounting for all standard components soldered to the circuit board. Wiring errors are virtually eliminated since all parts are mounted individually, with each space clearly marked. Etched metal circuit boards permit stability levels difficult to obtain in conventionally wired circuits. Stray capacities and RF fields are safely controlled to eliminate undesirable effects.

The construction manual features schematics and pictorial diagrams and complete step-by-step instructions plus large size pictorials which can be pinned up over your work bench for easy reference. In addition to being an outstanding performer, the model O-11 is the kind of professional-looking instrument you will be proud to display on your workbench. The panel is charcoal gray in color, with "high contrast" white lettering. The panel is readable even under subdued lighting conditions often required for oscilloscope operation. Test leads and a calibrated grid screen are provided with the kit.

Specifications—Vertical Channel: Sensitivity: 0.025 V (RMS) per inch at 1 kc. Frequency Response: Flat within ± 1 db from 8 cps to 2.5 mc.; Flat +1.5 to -5 db; 3 cps to 5 mc.; Response at 3.58 mc—2.2 db. Rise Time: 0.08 microseconds or less. Overshoot: 10% or less. Input Impedance: X1—21 mmf across 2.9 megohms (1 kc impedance, 2.7 megohms). Horizontal Channel: Sensitivity: 0.6 V (RMS) per inch at 1 kc. Frequency Response: Flat within ± 1 db 1 cps to 200 kc.; Flat within ± 3 db 1 cps to 400 kc. Input impedance: 31 mmf across 30 megohms (1 kc impedance, 4.9 megohms). Sweep Generator: Range: 20 cps to 500 kc in 5 steps: 20—100 cps, 100 cps—1 kc, 1 kc—10 kc, 10 kc—100 kc, 100 kc—500 kc. Synchronizing: External positive or negative signal, internally or from line. Tube Complement: 1-5UP1, 1-6AB4, 1-6AN8, 1-12BH7, 1-6DT6, 3-12AU7, 1-6X4, 1-1V2, 1-6C4. Power Requirements: 105-125 V, 50-60 cycles AC at 80 watts. Dimensions: 8 5/8" wide x 14 1/8" high x 16" deep. Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.

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