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OP-1 Professional Oscilloscope

OP-1 Professional Oscilloscope


  • Calibrated driven sweep—built-in triggering circuits
  • Calibrated DC coupled vertical amplifier
  • 5ADP2 flat face CR tube—edge lighted graticule
  • Prewired circuit boards for easy assembly

A sophisticated 5" DC Scope for light duty applications

The professional quality and features of the Heathkit OP-1 DC Oscilloscope make it ideal to use for any light duty application where DC coupled vertical and horizontal amplifiers, driven sweep, calibrated sweep and calibrated vertical amplifier are essential. Also featured is DC coupled CRT un-blanking. The triggered sweep circuit operates on either internal or external signals and may be either AC or DC coupled. The polarity of the triggering signal may be selected and any point on the wave form may be selected for the start of the sweep by using the "triggering level" control. An automatic position is also provided, in which the sweep recurs at a 50 cycle rate, but can be driven over a wide range of frequencies with no additional adjustments. The sweep speeds are provided at switch-selected base rates of 2 and .2 milliseconds-per-cm and 20, 2 and 1 microseconds-per-cm in conjunction with a continuously variable 10 to 1 multiplier. Sweep speeds are calibrated to within 10% at all control settings, and the sweep speed may be reduced by adding capacity to the "Ext. Cap" binding post of the front panel. A 5ADP2 flat face CR tube is used for accurate readings on an edge-lighted grid screen. A high quality CRT shield prevents stray AC fields from distorting the trace. The 12-position vertical attenuator is calibrated in volts-per-cm and the horizontal sweep is calibrated in time-per-cm. A 150 volt DC test voltage is provided for vertical channel calibration. All critical voltages are regulated with VR tubes for high stability. Five prewired terminal boards and a precut cabled wiring harness simplify assembly. The power supply is transformer operated utilizing silicon diode rectifiers and is fused for protection. The attractive styling of the OP-1 features an aluminum front panel with red and black lettering and matching knobs. The handsome cabinet is louvered for ventilation.

SPECIFICATIONS—Vertical channel frequency response: within 1 db DC to 2.2 megacycles; within 3 db DC to 3.6 megacycles; within 5 db DC to 4.5 megacycles. Rise time: less than .3 microsecond. Input impedance: 3.6 megohm shunted by .28 mmf. Sensitivity: DC coupled: 0.1 V peak-to-peak for 1 cm deflection; AC coupled: .01 V peak-to-peak for 1 cm deflection (using built-in preamp.). Coupling: AC or DC switch selected. Horizontal channel frequency response: within 1 db from DC to 460 kc; within 3db from DC to 600 kc. Input impedance: 1 megohm shunted by 37 mmf. Sensitivity: 0.2 V volt peak-to-peak for 1 cm deflection. Power requirements: 105-125 VAC, 50/60 cycles. 250 watts max. Dimensions: 8¼" W. x 14 1/8" H. x 19" D. Shipping Weight: 34 lbs.

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